Wow is the Watchword

The Poured Acrylics Workshop by Gail Stafford on 26th October was something to behold – a completely new experience for one and all. A master class with many tips and wrinkles to get the effect you want without outrageous expenditure.

Below are a few examples from the 50 or so produced on the day. Some show some of the stages in the ‘painting’ process. Four techniques were demonstrated – Dirty Pour, Funnel Pour, Chain Pour, and The Peacock Feather, and we chose what we wished to do. The amazement on some faces as these beautiful effects appeared was a picture in itself.



Super Cezanne

As promised, here are some of the splendid artworks produced by our members on Friday 10 Feb 17 as part of the workshop on ‘Acrylics in the style of Cezanne’ run by  our guest artist, Jackie Whall. Don’t they look good enough to eat!:

A couple of our artists decided not to take part in the exercise and carried on with their own unique and quite beautiful pictures:


A huge thanks from us all to Jackie Whall who visited us today and gave us the low-down on working with acrylics.  With her easy style she demonstrated how to paint a simple still-life in the style of Cezanne.  So, bowls and fruit at the ready we all had a go and managed to produce some pretty good results (even if one or two of the fruits were a bit strange… but then, so were Cezanne’s when you properly look at ’em!) I’ll be posting some of our members artworks on the site shortly.. watch this space!

For many of us it was the first time we’d tried using acrylics, but with the vibrant colours available and ease of application, I’m sure there’ll be a few more stunning acrylics in our next show.