Our Art

We are lucky to have members with such a wide variety of experience and style, and who like to experiment with different media and techniques leading them to produce some quite wonderful artwork.  Below is a list of our members with some of their favourite pieces alongside:

(click on the pic to see the full painting)

Robert Briggs
Robert started to enjoy art at Secondary school and even managed to get a CSE in it before going out into the wide world. Having almost retired at 65 his brother and sisters suggested that, now that he had more time on his hands, he should take it up again. John, his brother, even bought him some brushes to start the ball rolling.

Having joined Sutton Art Group early in 2019, Robert has settled into it again with renewed enthusiasm, enjoying the friendship and support of his fellow artists. Liz his wife has also enjoyed the experience having gone on a trip to Liverpool with the group – as well as the peace and tranquillity created when Robert is out of the house!

Margaret Brown 


Keith Childs :
Throughout his life Keith has enjoyed artwork, spending many years in a creative post within the construction industry, and later in architectural design where he used CAD (computer aided design).  However, he found that the drawings produced by that method lacked soul, so on retirement in 2008 he eagerly returned to art using more traditional means!  Most of Keith’s beautiful artwork is created using pencil and charcoal.


Jenny Clark        


Pat Clayton


Margery Furniss


Hilda Gould   


Jenny Grimsdale


Wendy Jarman
Wendy only started painting in August 2016 and so still considers herself a beginner.  She has loved trying out all the different mediums and as yet does not have a firm favourite.  She values all the advice given to her by the visiting artists and the experienced members. and hopes to improve over the coming months.


Rachel Keens 
You can view some more of Rachel’s beautiful work at her website:


Margaret  Lewis 


Kaye Locke  
Kaye only started painting on joining the group in September 2016, so she still very much classes herself as a beginner who is trying to find her personal ‘style’ and preferred media.  She is currently enjoying getting to grips with acrylics and, in particular, collage which gives her the opportunity to combine relevant poetry and text with her work.


Chris Locke
Chris has only returned to painting recently and has enjoyed exploring different media, having previously concentrated on using oils.  He is usually most comfortable with acrylics, but also now enjoys practicing with watercolours and mixed media.  He is very keen to develop his interest in portraiture, examples of which, along with some of his other work, can be seen below.


Richard Macey


Margaret Montgomery 


David Mowthorpe:
started painting and drawing when he joined Sutton Art Group in May 2013.  At school in the 1950s he was hopeless and only joined the Group through the encouragement of his wife.  The experience has been great and he has had lots of encouragement and laughs, and after about two years he felt he started to get to grips with things.  He paints mainly in watercolour but recently has used ‘pen & ink, wax and watercolour’ to paint several buildings in the village (e.g. The Gate Inn, Sutton Lodge, St Bartholomew’s Church). 


Gerda O’Hagan 


 Graham Parnell

Graham’s love of drawing developed when, during a childhood illness, he was supplied with lots of paper, pens and pencils with which to pass the time. Circumstances made it impossible to follow his dream of becoming an architect, instead he followed a career connected with building and civil engineering. After the usual distractions of bringing up a family, he once again began to put pencil, pen, and brush to paper, with varying degrees of success. To apply some discipline to this he joined Sutton Art Group in late 2017.
He likes to work with any medium but finds translucent watercolour the least forgiving and most difficult to master.

Jane Payne 


Joan  Reiter
Joan likes to paint. Sometimes she succeeds, mostly she doesn’t.  But she has a good time trying! 🙂

Gill Sheldon
Drawing and painting have, for a long time, been a very satisfying part of Gills life. She studied art, and taught textiles. She has managed to combine this interest with bringing up a family and has happily shared her love of art with her children, two of whom are now skilled artists in their own right.
Gill is very much interested in art as a therapeutic means of coping with ill health and dealing with the issues which this can present.


Ann Walker
Ann has always enjoyed painting, her first success coming whilst still at school when she was surprised to find out that she had won a competition to draw and paint the inside of a Co-Op grocery store!  However, she didn’t pursue this talent until joining the Sutton Art Group, which she says she enjoys not just for the art, but having a nice group to socialise with too.


Pat Ward
Pat has been painting for about eight years. Although she’d always harboured a secret ambition to ‘one day’ have a go, she only picked up her brushes on retirement having never, ever tried it before.  Pat says that she didn’t really believe she could do it, but now loves creating and she says she can honestly say ‘it was worth the wait’. Watching her produce such wonderful pieces as those below, we have to agree with her!!  


Anne Whitaker