Its Pouring!

This week we had lots of creative fun with our regular guest artist, Elaine Nash, who hosted a workshop on ‘Poured Watercolour’, something many of us had not tried before. Elaine demonstrated how to pour the pigment on to already wetted paper and, basically, just see what happened. We were all enthralled by the wonderful and surprising abstract patterns this method produces. From these initial pours she found shapes to accentuate, which she did with some light brushwork. Of course, we all had to have a go and I’ve shared some of the artworks with you below.

However, first to my ‘Pic of the Week’!

This lovely piece was actually still a work in progress – the result of the initial pour by our member, Margaret Montgomery. I’ve chosen it because with Margaret’s thoughtful choice of colours and technique, it quite clearly represents some of the incredible effects that can be achieved.

Here’s some more of our work from Friday:

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