Looking Forward

Well, it’s been a quiet few weeks with everyone enjoying the summer and taking well-earned holidays. That’s not to say we haven’t all been getting on with our artworks – those of us who have attended the sessions have been studiously working on projects to add to our collections with a view to having them ready in time for the Sutton Art Group Annual Exhibition on 3rd November. Not all of them will make the cut of course, but you can be assured that come the day there will be a hall full of delights for you to enjoy – and you never know, you might even be tempted to purchase an original piece for your home.

Once the summer madness is over (actually, judging by the precipitation and wind outside of my window right now, it may already be over 😦 ) we’ve a full programme of events planned, kicking off with a much anticipated presentation on Fungi by our in-house expert David Mowthorpe. Hopefully, we’ll be inspired to paint some of the more colourful varieties once we’ve learned all about them.

We are all looking forward to a demonstration by John Rudkin on 25th October, and a programme of workshops over the following weeks with our regular guest artist, Elaine Nash. So all in all it promises to be a busy time for our little group in the run up to shhh… you know what…. yep, Christmas. It’ll be here before we know it 🙂

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