Looking forward

A quiet week this week, where everyone worked at their own projects.  We have an exhibition in ‘The Hub’ in Retford coming up shortly (6th to 30th April) and we are all trying to finish off pieces to exhibit before the looming deadline.  It’s lovely to see such a variety of subjects and mediums and I’m sure they’ll look quite splendid when they are shown together.

On 15th February we had a special session with Elaine Nash who ran a workshop on pictures inspired by poetry.  Art group member and resident poet (!), Kaye Locke, read out some of her work before we all set about reproducing on paper the images the poems suggested (you can see some of Kaye’s poetry at rebootingkaye.com), a task many people found quite challenging.  Sometimes, not having a photograph prepared to work from can stunt creativity a tad.  Nonetheless, we all enjoyed the session, it certainly gave us food for thought, and we are looking forward to the next session with Elaine at the beginning of April.



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