Painting People

On Friday 18th Jan we were visited by local artist, Gerry Fruin, who lead an entertaining workshop on ‘Drawing Faces’.  Following his demonstration of the ‘Loomis’ theory, and numerous other hints and tips, we were able to produce some quite pleasing sketches of random faces to be worked on and enhanced later.

This week (25th Jan) we practiced our figure drawing during a workshop with Elaine Nash.  To get us to loosen up a bit with our initial strokes she suggested we use twigs to apply the paint (thanks to Graham for bringing a veritable bonfires worth for those of us who hadn’t listened to instructions and had forgotten to bring any!). Using ink or paint on the twigs produced a scratchy, sketchy, outline which helped enhance the impression of movement.  The resulting artworks may not be the greatest works of art, but as you can see below, they were all rather jolly with a freedom of application that many of us normally find quite difficult to achieve.

Our thanks go to both Gerry and Elaine for sharing their expertise and making our Friday mornings even more enjoyable.


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