Eye Opener

Stephen Coates 20 July 2018On Friday 20th July we were very fortunate to host a workshop with a difference by Stephen Coates entitled ‘Vision and Composition’, which we all very much enjoyed.
The first half was an illustrated talk dealing with the two aspects in his title.  He certainly surprised most of us with examples of optical illusions which deceived our eyes in terms of dimensions and colour.  Moving on to composition we looked at the work of famous artists and in particular Lowry. Stephen was able to illustrate some of the techniques that Lowry used to compose his paintings, with a particular focus on triangulation. Looking at Lowry’s paintings in future will never be the same again!
In the second half Stephen painted a watercolour which was used to illustrate some of the features addressed in the presentation.  A beautiful landscape was produced in 50 minutes.  Did we all know that a wet in wet sky needs to be completed in 2 minutes?  How many of us use a very limited palate and number of brushes, and that the hake is excellent for large wet in wet areas (practice is needed but is well worth it)?
The completed painting was donated to the Art Group and we are raffling it with proceeds going to charity.
To find out more about Stephen and his work you can visit his website at http://www.coatesart.co.uk/about/
The completed painting:
Stephen Coats painting

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