Impersonating Impressionists

Yet another excellent session with our guest artist, Elaine Nash, last Friday (20th April). This time concentrating on ‘Painting in the Style of your favourite Impressionist’, which was very apt following the recent presentation from David Mowthorpe when we all learnt more about the impressionist paintings on display at the Musée d’Orsay.

I got the impression (oops, can’t help myself…) that most of us found the looser style quite challenging, but the results were very pleasing in the end, and we certainly had a good time trying! You can see some of the work in progress, and finished artworks below.

The session was followed by a lively lunch at the pub, where a spring exhibition was mooted.  I’m pleased to report that everyone present thought it such a good idea, that the proposal became a firm booking and the exhibition will be taking place on the evening of 28th May (Bank Holiday Monday) at the Gate Inn.

Art exhibition in a pub on a spring evening… what’s not to like eh?  Hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “Impersonating Impressionists

  1. Hi Kaye, yet again a good resume of the day I am rapidly gaining the impression (oops!) that the pen is equally at home in your hand as the brush. Well done keep up the good work, I am determined to turn out a few works which warrant the website. In the photo your hubby really looks engrossed. I hope it was a ‘typo’ in David’s email as I didn’t realise the Shropshire trip was an “overnighter” …….meet at 9pm !! Regs, G

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  2. oh believe me the pen is much more at home than the brush!! Hehe… I didn’t realise I’d have to pack my toothbrush either! And.. just bite the bullet and send some pics… even I’ve got some on here 🙂


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