Let them Paint Cake!

Well, we had another ‘not your usual art workshop’ with the wonderful Elaine Nash today. What a great idea she had for us to paint still life in a café setting!

IMG_2547Of course, this meant only one thing to our group… cake! Although it also gave some people a chance to bring out their French side (see Pat and her lovely French Café painting) and one member clearly frequents a different kinda café as he came dressed as an Australian carrying a tinnie! Heehee, lets face it, sometimes it all gets a bit surreal in our group – and kudos to Graham for donning his outback shorts in this chilly weather.
Anyhoo… we had lots of fun painting our cakes, and of course, they couldn’t go to waste… 🙂

IMG_2541 (2)

Eating the spoils!

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