Watercolour wizard


This morning, we were delighted to welcome local artist, John Rudkin (pictured above) who gave us an awe-inspiring and inspirational demonstration of his outstanding watercolour skills.  Magically completing a seascape over the course of a couple of hours, he gave us lots of hints and tips to help refine our own work, making it look so simple we all came away believing we could do it!

On behalf of the group I’d like to say many thanks to John, and if you haven’t seen his beautiful paintings yet, do take a peek at his website at http://www.johnrudkin.co.uk/home.asp

It’s quite a busy time for the group at the moment (when isn’t it!!) as we have a workshop with Elaine Nash on ‘Still life in a café setting’ (an excuse to bring, and eat, cakes) coming up next week, and many of our members are currently preparing work for the Bassetlaw Art Exhibition taking place next month.

Right, I’m off to create my own seascape masterpiece now, I look forward to seeing yours!






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