Quick Draw

IMG_1800I think Anne may have mistaken the meaning when Elaine suggested a quick draw (well, paint) session! Either that or she’s discovered a new wet on wet technique – or maybe she was just feeling feisty on Friday! (Actually there was another perfectly weird, but vaguely sensible reason for her brandishing a super soaker, but we won’t go into that!!)
Anyhoo, back to the session…

Once again Elaine Nash gave us a really fun and thought provoking workshop to hone our skills, instructing us to think small and produce 10 minute paintings. She provided a variety of interesting pictures for us to represent in that short time, using watercolours.

We are all used to trying to paint perfectly and often get fixated on details, so this session was designed to help us to think loose and free. No time for washes, or details, just a painted sketch.

It was a revelation. Many of our small paintings turning out to be little jewels. You can see some of them below. I’ve left the associated picture alongside so you can judge for yourself how well this technique works.

2 thoughts on “Quick Draw

  1. Kaye, I just love reading your articles, you have such a way with words a craftsman with words as well as paint…….can’t be bad can it?……keep it up! Warm Regards, Graham.


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