Crinklies for Wrinklies!

Nope, this title was most definitely not my idea, but rather the suggestion of our friend and teacher Elaine Nash who led us in another fun workshop yesterday, demonstrating different techniques using ‘crinklies’ i.e. cling film, cellophane, bubble wrap etc to produce interesting and unique textures in our artworks.

We were also introduced to ‘Tonking’, which many of us had not come across before, but Elaine assures us is a bona fide technique (if you’re not sure have a look at  So we all had a messy old time practicing and creating some interesting pictures.

Unfortunately, not too many of us managed to finish off our creations entirely in the time so they are still works in progress.  But below are two brilliant completed pieces together with a couple of other lovely pictures created by members recently.



2 thoughts on “Crinklies for Wrinklies!

  1. Hello, I don’t know who puts these updates together (there is no email address, acknowledgement or attribution, but thank you very much. SAG (pity the initials spell that isn’t it) really are a top notch outfit as far as info/communication is concerned. All very good and I particularly like the sky and sea effect that Rachel has achieved, excellent: but has anyone noticed the ghostlike apparition of Elaine Nash in Margaret Lewis’ ?? Regards, Graham.

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    • Hi Graham, its me, Kaye on the other end of this!! Ooh noo, hadn’t noticed ghostie Elaine 🙂 Rachel, as always, did really well with the crinklies. I on the other hand, am still struggling! Thanks for your comments x


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