Pilgrims, Panes, and Christmas pics

Well, technology finally came good and we were all able to enjoy Chris Locke’s presentation on the Pilgrim Fathers last Friday.  He managed to mix the history with lots of art references to inspire us all to go off and create something wonderful for the Pilgrim Fathers festival taking place in November.

After the presentation Elaine Nash did one of her wonderful workshops, this time on ‘Through a Window Pane’.  She demonstrated how to effectively turn an ordinary painting into a representation of stained glass, which some of us tried to emulate afterwards.

Thanks to both of them for a really entertaining morning.

Other news…

You may remember that we each submitted a painting for consideration to be used as a Christmas Card for the local charity Muddy Fork (you can find out all about their marvellous work around Horticulture for Health by visiting their website at https://www.muddyfork.org/ ).   I’m pleased to announce that the winning entry was Margaret Lewis’s ‘Red Wellies’.  The judges at Muddy Fork reported that they were charmed by all the entries, and they struggled to choose just one!

I’ve added them below so you can see what they mean 🙂  Which would you choose?

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