They never had this trouble…

Our Pilgrim Fathers theme this week went slightly pear-shaped when the brave new world technology failed us and frustratingly, Chris was unable to give his presentation.  However, this is only a temporary hitch and with luck and a following wind it should go ahead as part of next week’s workshop with Elaine.

All was not lost though, as some of the members had come dressed for the occasion, and lovely crafter Hilda had gone so far as to make appropriate hats for lots of the ladies, and after the usual session 11 of us descended on the local Separatist Inn and had a really lovely lunch surrounded by lots of info on the Pilgrim Fathers (though we were having too much fun to read much of it!!).

Hopefully, by the end of next week’s session we will all be inspired to create a painting to submit to the Pilgrims Festival exhibition coming up in November.

HIlda and Keith Pilgrim Fathers (2)

An original picture or Hilda and Keith 🙂 ?


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