August Hiatus?

It’s all been a bit quiet at the art group for the last few weeks, with many of our members enjoying holidays or spending time with family, so no guest artists over August.

That hasn’t stopped us painting though!  You’ll see from our ‘Our Art’ page several new entries which have been completed over the summer, and of course, we’re all beavering away at paintings to enter for this year’s Sutton Show, coming up on Sunday 10th September.  Good luck to everyone who enters.  May the best man (or woman) win!!

The group’s diary is filling up for the run up to Christmas, with guest artist, Elaine Nash, starting off the proceedings next week (8th Sept) with a workshop on ‘Painting a Poem’.  We all need to find an inspiring piece of poetry to illustrate, or maybe write something ourselves! Who knows? But it is sure to be entertaining and I for one can’t wait to see the results.

In the meantime… keeeeep creating…. (with apologies to Strictly..!!)


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