We had a very busy and a very enjoyable day with Helen Silcock,  and some lovely work was produced. For most of us, it was a different approach to producing a painting and with her guidance the results were excellent and the time passed very quickly. We learned about the amazing qualities of the humble biro and how to use it in our work

The usual varied buffet with Pat‘s trifle taking pride of place was a welcome break.

Annual Art Exhibition

St Bartholomew’s Church, Sutton cum Lound

Saturday 20th November from 12.00pm to 3.00pm

Following the coronavirus lockdown members have painted fewer pictures than in a normal year and therefore a more limited exhibition was held this year, taking place in the village church. Next year we will be back in the village hall which enables a greater number of paintings to be displayed.

Fifteen members displayed over 110 framed, and over 50 mounted paintings with many sales being made. Thank you to around 100 visitors who attended and contributed to a lively atmosphere and a very successful event. Members of the church sold refreshments and bric-a-brac items making a profit of over £150 which goes to the church building fund.

The Art Group sale of books and raffle tickets raised over £140 which will be added to the £90, raised previously, from a sale of our late member’s (Gill Sheldon) art books. Additionally, members charity donations (an alternative to giving each other Christmas cards) will also be added meaning a total donation of £200 is to be given to Bassetlaw Hospice in Retford and £75 to St Bartholomew’s Church.

Thank you to all who contributed to this successful event.


Following on from lockdown the group has re-opened to very successful and well attended sessions. The members have enjoyed being back and are producing some great work for the up coming exhibition. A small welcome back celebration was held on the 17th September with almost all members being able to attend. So far the sessions have included on line demonstrations and a still life drawing workshop.

We now have a couple of vacancies so if you think you would like to join the group then please contact Joan Reiter on 01777 711647.



This months assignment is to paint a landscape, to possibly include sheep. This idea came from remembering a superb workshop we had a few years ago by professional watercolour artist Peter Woolley.

Once again Hilda has not failed to disappoint us:

Thank you Hilda


After wonderful inspiration from Hilda more sunflowers have blossomed.




This beautiful sunflower was done by Richard.

Richard used molten coloured wax to produce the very interesting finish. This is a new method for many members, and one which many will look at trying.

Thank you Richard.


This month’s challenge for the group was to paint buildings or an architectural landscape. The help and inspiration given was to look at how other artists have painted London scenes and to attempt to work loosely, possibly using a card as opposed to brushes. This did prove to be a challenge for some of the group, but 3 very talented artists have had inspired results. Well done to all three.

London captured by Hilda in her lovely unique style
Richard’s submission is a view from Greenwich Park.
This is sentimental to Richard as he used to live in a flat

in one of the buildings close to the park entrance, the gates can seen in his painting.

David’s colourful London, showing some iconic landmarks.


Betty Maddison

Sadly, at the beginning of March, former group member Betty passed away after a long illness.  Betty, along with her sister June, was a founder member of the group.

Betty never liked to miss a session, being always one of the first to arrive and one of the last to leave, her enthusiasm saw no bounds and she loved the social side of the group.

Current group members remember her fondly recalling the quiet way in which she just got on with things, working hard to clear the tables and clean the kitchen.

Although Betty has not been well enough to attend for some time she is still remembered by the group.

Chris and Kaye Locke

It is with heavy hearts that in April we said goodbye to 2 regular attendees, Chris and Kaye. Having lived in the village for almost 28 years and been active members of the group in more recent times, they will leave a big hole.  They have made the brave, but exciting decision, to move to Cardiff to be closer to family.  Both brought so much to the group and will be missed by all.

Both Chris and Kaye, although busy people, never liked to miss a session.  They have both enjoyed trying lots of new mediums and enthusiastically attended the group workshops with many amazing results.  They loved going on the trips and supported the exhibitions, successfully selling their own work.   

One big thing we must thank Kaye for is bringing the group into the 21st century by setting up the website.  Her technical skills will be sorely missed, and she has left big boots to fill.  Group member Wendy has bravely offered to continue with the website.

We all wish Chris and Kaye well and look forward to keeping in touch and seeing what beautiful artwork they produce from their new environment. 


Our latest project has been inspired by the Mandarin duck. Here are a few sent in by this months enthusiastic artists.

Harbour Scenes

Peaceful and tranquil the boats in the harbour,
As the sun sets in the crimson red sky,
Their silhouettes dark as they lie there at anchor,
Their masts ringing softly while hungry gulls fly

Taken from Boats in the Harbour by Andrew Blakemore

This months project was a harbour scene, something the whole group has been interested to do many times before. We were inspired in the past after our group trip to Staithes and look forward to when we are able to visit again.

These are the latest paintings sent in by some very clever and enthusiastic artists.