A week to go!

The pressure is on to get all our work ready for our 20th Anniversary Exhibition next Saturday, and most of us spent this Friday’s session beavering away at our current creations.

We are all very excited so I do hope you can join us between 11:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. at Sutton-cum-Lound village hall next week.  Last year there were some 200 paintings on show, and we’re hoping to top that, so there will be plenty to see, and there is promise of cakes and coffee to be had too.  Of course, there’ll also be a raffle, with the money raised this year being split between our local hospice and Muddy Fork (you will be able to buy some of their Christmas cards at the exhibition too – remember they were designed by our very own, very talented, Margaret Lewis).

Well, better get back to the painting…

Hope to see you next week!


Crinklies for Wrinklies!

Nope, this title was most definitely not my idea, but rather the suggestion of our friend and teacher Elaine Nash who led us in another fun workshop yesterday, demonstrating different techniques using ‘crinklies’ i.e. cling film, cellophane, bubble wrap etc to produce interesting and unique textures in our artworks.

We were also introduced to ‘Tonking’, which many of us had not come across before, but Elaine assures us is a bona fide technique (if you’re not sure have a look at https://makingamark.blogspot.co.uk/2010/07/tonking-and-henry-tonks.html).  So we all had a messy old time practicing and creating some interesting pictures.

Unfortunately, not too many of us managed to finish off our creations entirely in the time so they are still works in progress.  But below are two brilliant completed pieces together with a couple of other lovely pictures created by members recently.



Pilgrims, Panes, and Christmas pics

Well, technology finally came good and we were all able to enjoy Chris Locke’s presentation on the Pilgrim Fathers last Friday.  He managed to mix the history with lots of art references to inspire us all to go off and create something wonderful for the Pilgrim Fathers festival taking place in November.

After the presentation Elaine Nash did one of her wonderful workshops, this time on ‘Through a Window Pane’.  She demonstrated how to effectively turn an ordinary painting into a representation of stained glass, which some of us tried to emulate afterwards.

Thanks to both of them for a really entertaining morning.

Other news…

You may remember that we each submitted a painting for consideration to be used as a Christmas Card for the local charity Muddy Fork (you can find out all about their marvellous work around Horticulture for Health by visiting their website at https://www.muddyfork.org/ ).   I’m pleased to announce that the winning entry was Margaret Lewis’s ‘Red Wellies’.  The judges at Muddy Fork reported that they were charmed by all the entries, and they struggled to choose just one!

I’ve added them below so you can see what they mean 🙂  Which would you choose?

They never had this trouble…

Our Pilgrim Fathers theme this week went slightly pear-shaped when the brave new world technology failed us and frustratingly, Chris was unable to give his presentation.  However, this is only a temporary hitch and with luck and a following wind it should go ahead as part of next week’s workshop with Elaine.

All was not lost though, as some of the members had come dressed for the occasion, and lovely crafter Hilda had gone so far as to make appropriate hats for lots of the ladies, and after the usual session 11 of us descended on the local Separatist Inn and had a really lovely lunch surrounded by lots of info on the Pilgrim Fathers (though we were having too much fun to read much of it!!).

Hopefully, by the end of next week’s session we will all be inspired to create a painting to submit to the Pilgrims Festival exhibition coming up in November.

HIlda and Keith Pilgrim Fathers (2)

An original picture or Hilda and Keith 🙂 ?


and the winner is…

The Sutton cum Lound annual flower and produce show was held this weekend (10th September 2017) and of course, the Art Group was fully represented in the ‘Painting’ category.  The display of entries really showcased the talents of the group, and I wouldn’t have liked to have to have been amongst the ones who had to choose a winner.  However, needs must and a winner was indeed chosen along with a ‘Highly Commended’ entry, happily both entries from members of the art group!

So many congratulations to Margaret Lewis for this amazingly striking winning entry:


and to Joan Reiter for the well deserved mention in despatches for this cheery sunflower!



Visual Poetry

Our thanks go once again to Elaine Nash for leading us in a most excellent workshop last week.  Quoting Leonardo de Vinci –

‘“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt
and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen”

Elaine asked us to bring a poem along as inspiration for our painting.  After some initial head scratching, we all rose to the challenge and managed to find our favourites (although in the case of one member, she cheated and wrote her own!) and the resulting pictures are a testament to our varied tastes!

Here’s just a few of the pictures.  Can you guess which poems they represent?

August Hiatus?

It’s all been a bit quiet at the art group for the last few weeks, with many of our members enjoying holidays or spending time with family, so no guest artists over August.

That hasn’t stopped us painting though!  You’ll see from our ‘Our Art’ page several new entries which have been completed over the summer, and of course, we’re all beavering away at paintings to enter for this year’s Sutton Show, coming up on Sunday 10th September.  Good luck to everyone who enters.  May the best man (or woman) win!!

The group’s diary is filling up for the run up to Christmas, with guest artist, Elaine Nash, starting off the proceedings next week (8th Sept) with a workshop on ‘Painting a Poem’.  We all need to find an inspiring piece of poetry to illustrate, or maybe write something ourselves! Who knows? But it is sure to be entertaining and I for one can’t wait to see the results.

In the meantime… keeeeep creating…. (with apologies to Strictly..!!)