Painting and Poetry

If you visited our annual exhibition last year you may well have seen some of Joan Reiter’s beautifully detailed pen and watercolour paintings of ancient olive trees. It seems that during lockdown she’s rediscovered the joy of drawing these and has produced another example.

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a great love of poetry, so this work holds particular joy for me. I love how Joan has used calligraphy so that the two arts complement each other perfectly.

Fresh Eyes

During this lockdown period much inspiration from beyond our homes has been curtailed, and for many of us this has stifled our creativity somewhat. However, art group member, David Mowthorpe, proves here that seeing simple things with fresh eyes, and trying out new innovative techniques to reproduce them can really bring wonderful and interesting results.

So this week, I challenge you, to be like David, and find fresh beauty in your garden, or even the view from your window. Try using different materials and techniques, look at flowers, plants and even buildings, from a different angle, draw a loose sketch, or a finely detailed painting, or maybe limit your palette to one or two colours. Go on, try something new, and don’t forget to share your work with us. In the meantime, enjoy some of David’s ethereal work below:


We at Sutton Art Group are so sad to hear of the passing of our friend Gill Sheldon.  Despite a long term battle with cancer Gill was a calm and gentle presence at our art group sessions. As you can see from the selection of her work below, she wielded her pencil and brush with confidence and indisputable talent.  Our thoughts go out to her family. We will miss her greatly.

Pic of the Week

For many of us during lockdown it seems to have become increasingly difficult to find our painting mojo, certainly my own paints and brushes have been languishing in their case for some time now as inspiration has faded. However, I’m pleased to say not all of our members are as tardy, and this week David Mowthorpe has produced two bright pieces to cheer us up.

I love the simplicity and use of colour in these watercolour and pen sketches. Well done David, we look forward to seeing more from your ‘pink period’! 🙂

Pic of the Week!

Gosh, it’s a stressful time for everyone right now isn’t it? Despite being in lockdown, and not really being able to get on our with our lives, everything seems a little frantic. I think we could all do with a calming moment, and if taking a moment to study this gorgeous painting from member, Keith Childs, doesn’t help, I don’t know what would.

I love the limited palette, the rendering of the sunset (or is it sunrise???), and that serene swan reminding us that nature carries on regardless. Well done Keith, this is a beauty.

Three pics of the Week!

Despite Grayson Perry’s excellent encouragement through Grayson Perry’s Art Club (8 O’clock, Mondays on All 4) I think many of us are feeling a bit uninspired to paint during this lockdown period. Personally I find that having more time makes it more difficult to concentrate, which is a bit weird when you think about it.

However, these three beauties have been presented, and I couldn’t choose between them, the styles are all so different. I love the loose brush work and sense of location of Elaine’s, it made me want to visit wherever it is. Chris’s cartoon like painting ‘King Alfred Subdues the Danes’ is so detailed and fun, and Pats beautiful pastoral scene is full of rich colours and sunshine – I can almost smell the lavender!

So here they are… my three, very different, pics of the week…

York Shambles Challenge

So far, we’ve received just three entries from our members to the ‘York Shambles Challenge’ which was suggested in the SAA magazine recently. It was a complicated scene to tackle, but these three, each with their own distinctive style, have managed to capture the colour and retain the lively atmosphere really very well.

Are you still working on your piece? Do send it in when it is completed, we’d love to see it.