Picture perfect

Quite a quiet session today, with several people away for various reasons.  It was a ‘do your own thing’ day, so we all just got on with our own creations whilst having the usual good chat and banter.

One particular topic was the latest series of the ‘Great Painting Challenge’ currently showing on the BBC on Sundays.  Most of us agreed that the standard of work produced during the competition days wasn’t necessarily representative of the work that the participants had been doing in their own time at home, and none of us would want the time restrictions or ‘mentor’ breathing down our necks while we work!

Proving that our members can produce most excellent work, Chris Locke presented David Mowthorpe with a portrait he’d produced from a sketch he’d drawn whilst David was speaking last week.  It’s captured his lively style perfectly, but Chris has asked that he wears a plain shirt next time!!



‘The Lecture’ by Chris Locke



French Impressions

A very French feeling to our meeting yesterday with a wonderful presentation from David Mowthorpe taking in the best of his visit to the Musee d’Orsay.  Full of interesting facts and comparisons between the impressionists, we ourselves were impressed with the level of research, enthusiasm, and commitment David must have put into pulling the presentation together.  So many thanks to him once again. Also a quick thank you to Margery for supplying the French Fancies!

It’s a ‘do your own thing’ week next week, so I’d better start looking for some inspiration now!

Let them Paint Cake!

Well, we had another ‘not your usual art workshop’ with the wonderful Elaine Nash today. What a great idea she had for us to paint still life in a café setting!

IMG_2547Of course, this meant only one thing to our group… cake! Although it also gave some people a chance to bring out their French side (see Pat and her lovely French Café painting) and one member clearly frequents a different kinda café as he came dressed as an Australian carrying a tinnie! Heehee, lets face it, sometimes it all gets a bit surreal in our group – and kudos to Graham for donning his outback shorts in this chilly weather.
Anyhoo… we had lots of fun painting our cakes, and of course, they couldn’t go to waste… 🙂

IMG_2541 (2)

Eating the spoils!

Watercolour wizard


This morning, we were delighted to welcome local artist, John Rudkin (pictured above) who gave us an awe-inspiring and inspirational demonstration of his outstanding watercolour skills.  Magically completing a seascape over the course of a couple of hours, he gave us lots of hints and tips to help refine our own work, making it look so simple we all came away believing we could do it!

On behalf of the group I’d like to say many thanks to John, and if you haven’t seen his beautiful paintings yet, do take a peek at his website at http://www.johnrudkin.co.uk/home.asp

It’s quite a busy time for the group at the moment (when isn’t it!!) as we have a workshop with Elaine Nash on ‘Still life in a café setting’ (an excuse to bring, and eat, cakes) coming up next week, and many of our members are currently preparing work for the Bassetlaw Art Exhibition taking place next month.

Right, I’m off to create my own seascape masterpiece now, I look forward to seeing yours!






Scenes from Sicily

We were treated this morning to a virtual trip around Sicily when David Mowthorpe gave a presentation based on his visit to Inspector Montalbano’s stomping ground.  As usual David had taken the time and trouble to seek out interesting views and artworks whilst on holiday to share with us on his return, and we owe him many thanks (not to mention apologies for the heckling!)

IMG_1941Also this morning, the winner of the ‘Design a notice board panel for the Meadow’ competition was announced.  And the winner is…. well, there is no winner!  In fact, the entries were all considered of such a high standard that the judges decided to use them all in rotation.
The picture on the left is Keith’s entry, and it’s planned to use this one first, though he has to paint a matching panel before it can be displayed as the notice board boasts spaces for pictures on either side.  We all look forward to seeing the finished product, as well as watching the communal Sutton cum Lound meadow spring into colourful life come the warmer weather.

By the way… don’t forget to book your place on Sutton Art Group trip to Weston Park on May 15th.  Tickets are just £15.00.  More details on our diary page here

Quick Draw

IMG_1800I think Anne may have mistaken the meaning when Elaine suggested a quick draw (well, paint) session! Either that or she’s discovered a new wet on wet technique – or maybe she was just feeling feisty on Friday! (Actually there was another perfectly weird, but vaguely sensible reason for her brandishing a super soaker, but we won’t go into that!!)
Anyhoo, back to the session…

Once again Elaine Nash gave us a really fun and thought provoking workshop to hone our skills, instructing us to think small and produce 10 minute paintings. She provided a variety of interesting pictures for us to represent in that short time, using watercolours.

We are all used to trying to paint perfectly and often get fixated on details, so this session was designed to help us to think loose and free. No time for washes, or details, just a painted sketch.

It was a revelation. Many of our small paintings turning out to be little jewels. You can see some of them below. I’ve left the associated picture alongside so you can judge for yourself how well this technique works.

Resist, Resist…

A big thank you to the wonderful Claire Botterill for the really fun workshop on ink and wax resist techniques last Friday (you can see some of Claire’s beautiful and unique work at http://www.clairebotterill.co.uk/).

Our mission was to capture the essence of the London Shard using ink, wax crayon and water colour.  Whilst many of us were a bit daunted by the busy, building packed, landscape, Claire was able to show us a method that simplified things and gave us all the confidence to give it a go.

Whilst we may not have completely mastered the techniques, we had fun trying, and you can see from the results that on the whole we managed to produce some atmospheric and quite presentable results!