The Late Riser

Ah, there is always a tardy one! Better late than never though, and we are certainly delighted that this majestic chap has turned up. I’m sure you’ll agree that art group member, Rachel Mansell, has managed to capture character and detail in this awesome pencil portrait. Something to crow about?? (see what I done there… 😄)

Cockerel Characters

This month’s challenge to the group was to paint a Cockerel, and I’m pleased to report that so far we’ve received six paintings of colourfully strutting chaps, each captured in each artist’s own unique styles. Its always fascinating to see how each member of our group approaches their subjects, and doubly so when the subjects are comparable.

Each seem to have their own character to me: David’s looks as if he’s been up to mischief; Joan’s looks flirty; Keith’s looks quite macho; Pat’s appears a little worried; Richards seems self-assured, and Wendy’s looks tres exotique! Now, I wonder if that’s a reflection of the artists? What do you think?

Pencil Portrait

Sutton Art Group member Chris Locke has recently dusted off his coloured pencils and produced this wonderful study from a picture he found on-line. I love the different textures Chris has managed to convey. He has certainly captured this character, and from the twinkle in his eye, he looks like a bit of a cheeky chappie!

A Happy (Re)connection

While many members of Sutton Art Group have been able to share work by the miracle of technology over the recent months, there are one or two members who are less familiar with sending emails and social media and therefore have remained a little out of touch. So it was an absolute delight to find a missive from Margaret Brown in my inbox one day (she has clearly been brushing up on her IT skills!), and I was doubly delighted when I found she had attached some examples of her recent work!

Margaret has certainly been busy, and I particularly like these lush landscapes – my favourite is the wintry scene, which is yours?

Happier Times

Lovely to revisit this photograph of the art group Christmas Party 2018, when we could all get together to paint and laugh. A chance to remember our friend Gill too, who we very sadly lost this year.

Though this Christmas may not be so merry, we do want to wish all our artists and friends a peaceful Christmas and, may 2021 be a better year for us all. x

The End of the Fun(gi)

‘Tis the season of mist and mellow fruitfulness apparently. In reality it seems to be the season of fog and fallen apples, and according to our resident fungi expert (and all round fun guy!), David Mowthorpe, ’tis also nearly the end of the mushroom season.

David has enchanted the art group with his occasional presentations on his passion, and has even brought in examples of exotic and peculiar species of fungi that he has found on his forages. With such in-depth knowledge of the subject, it is not altogether surprising that he is able to produce such excellent studies as the ones below.

Under Pressure

Art group member, Pat Ward, who painted this glorious picture, complained to me that she had to do it over lockdown because it had been commissioned by an individual who was viewing some other pieces of her work at a pre-pandemic exhibition. She felt that being commissioned put extra pressure on her in this already stressful time, and that she’d struggled to get it right.

Well, I have to say Pat, that pressure suits you! This is a super painting, which you certainly have ‘got right’, and I’m quite sure the new owner will treasure it.

Blue boo

This is a piece from art group member, Kaye Locke’s own blog:


You may know from my previous posts that I don’t consider myself a great, or even good, artist, but I’ll have a go. Having said that this week is the first time I’ve picked up a brush since the beginning of lockdown in March because with no art group activities to keep up with, and plenty of other things to keep me occupied, I’ve had zero motivation. But the days are growing short, and everything outside is damp and uninviting so I thought I have a bash at some seasonal sketches. Ol’ blue eyes here started off very much as a pencil sketch and just got coloured in on a bit of a whim.

I have to confess the pumpkins were inspired by a (considerably better) watercolour that I came across on pinterest.

I always doubt whether I should share my efforts on here. I’m much happier sharing photographs and…

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No go Chateau

Many of us have been unable to take our usual annual trip abroad this year, and one of our members had clearly been dreaming of previous happy trips to France recently when he challenged the group to paint an image of a French Chateau. Several members embraced the cause and you can see the wonderful and varied results below. Lets hope we’ll all be able to visit one of these magnificent places at our leisure very soon. In the meantime, take care, and enjoy the artworks – perhaps, if you haven’t done any painting recently you could join in with this challenge, its not too late, and we’d love to see the results.