In the Pastel Woods

Our thanks to our guest artist this week, Helen Silcock, for leading us in a wonderful workshop ‘Woodland in Pastels’.  For some of us, it was the first time using this mucky medium, and we were surprised and delighted at its versatility and the variety of strokes and effects that could be achieved.  Overall, we found the resulting artworks extremely pleasing.  What do you think?

Didn’t we have a luvverly time..

What a great day over 40 of us had in Hull visiting the Ferens Gallery and other attractions.  We started off in Sutton in the pouring rain and ended up in Hull to fine weather. Hull itself was a pleasant surprise to many people, with a water front and many historic buildings.

The Ferens Gallery was very good indeed with a wonderful variety of exhibits. The ‘Skin’ section exhibited, amongst other things, photographs of the nude figures which featured as an event for the City of Culture 2017.  Hundreds of people took part, some of them painted blue.  A coincidence occurred when one of our members happened to stand next to a couple of young women who were looking with particular interest at one of these photographs – he started to engage with them [as you do] and they pointed out where they were in the photograph.  How wonderful to be part of Art!


One of the images exhibited in the Skins section of the Ferens Gallery. Wonder if David can spot his new chums? 🙂

Art on Show

Sutton Art Group gave a good account of themselves at the Retford Art Festival last weekend, with the 33 paintings exhibited over the 3 day period drawing many admiring comments. In addition to our wonderful exhibition of paintings, our member, David Mowthorpe,  gave a 45 minute illustrated presentation Art in the Balkans which was much acclaimed!!

The Bank Holiday weekend did, however, pose problems.  With so many members of the Group on holiday, manning the exhibition was left to a small number of people – thanks to all who gave their time.  Let us hope that there are changes for next year’s festival such as a move away from the bank Holiday and perhaps just 2 days rather than 3.

Cockerels coming up!

Hope you’re all looking forward to painting Cockerels with Elaine on Friday. I found this picture of a handsome and colourful Cockerel dude for inspiration, but immediately thought ‘he’s facing the wrong way’!  Why is that?  Why do I feel he needs to be the other way around for me to paint?   Is it the same for everyone?

Will be posting the results of our efforts next week!


Retford Arts Festival

Excitement is mounting as the Arts Festival approaches.  Due to take place over the long weekend 27th – 29th May, our group will be exhibiting in the Methodist Church Hall, which is one of the many venues across the town which are hosting events.

As part of the festival, our very own David Mowthorpe will be giving a talk on ‘Art in the Balkans’ on Monday 2 – 3pm at St Swinthuns.

There is something for everyone in the programme, and you can find the full details on the dedicated website at

Please do visit us at the Methodist Church, we look forward to meeting you, and maybe you’ll be tempted to buy an original artwork by one of our members!


We were delighted to learn that one of our members had a much-deserved ‘Commended’ in the recent SAA Artist of the Year competition. This national competition is fierce and thousands of artists enter each year, so the award is certainly worth shouting about.

So many, many congratulations to Keith Childs and his gorgeous work ‘Murmuration’